Design Philosophy:

 What are wrist watches for? This question is easy to answer: At a glance to know the date, the day of the week, and exactly what time it is right now. 

Exceptions are those cases when the watch is worn as decoration or as an expensive accessory to confirm the high status of a wealthy owner.

On these watches, it is not always easy to even see the hands of the watch, nor the date or the day of the week.

On the watch faces that I create, all information is visible, even with a glance of the clock.

My dials are different from others by the presence of large, contrasting characters and easily readable fonts.

Even people with poor eyesight can see what time is it now without glasses if my watch dials are installed on their watch.

There is the video where you can know a detailed information about the new FINOW X7 watch and during this video you will see how interesting look of my dials.


 A hundred watch faces for downloading: ссылка